About Behiç

I am a sales operations leader who writes, takes photos, and tinkers in web development. Over the years, I’ve mentored people, built processes, launched and enhanced CRMs, provided trainings, modeled data, and made sure it was done in the best way possible. I want to share my creative experiences with the world.

My goal is to focus on the parts of my life which fueled my passions: creativity, problem-solving, story-telling, and the sharing of information to promote emotive experiences. Curating my space on the internet is a part of that.

In January of 2017, I began my apprenticeship in Bloc’s full-stack web developer program. Interactive technology has always captured my imagination – from my cousin’s C64 to running my first BBS to building system requirements which would impact thousands of associates, and so much more.

I built my first website during my internship at Bank One back in 1999. Armed with Notepad, a thick “LEARN HTML!!!” book and some company collateral, a portion of my summer was spent manipulating code in a text file and watching its design on screen while the rest of it was spent studying options markets across the globe. The site used a navigation bar in frames, spacer gifs, some drop down menus, and was their live intranet site for quite some time after its completion.

I intermittently dabbled in building sites after that (in college as a hobby, another intranet site for an international company I worked for, some business sites for family entrepreneurs, and a couple non-profits) but juggling my desire to do well in my then-career with all of my other hobbies, one of them had to go. Web technology was undergoing a massive evolution, and I couldn’t afford to keep up with the times. My shift back into coding and creating has been a deliberate one, and one I hope to grow with and add to as technology and the way we interact with it evolves. I completed Bloc’s web development curriculum in August 2017.

You can see my entire body of work thus far via my GitHub page. Stay tuned for further updates in my portfolio.